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Water Delivery

Potable water delivered straight to your oil fields in Peace River

Potable Water Delivery for Peace River Oil Fields

Chetwynd Fresh Water (2011) specializes in fresh water deliveries to oil fields in the Peace River Regional District. We started our business with the creation of McKee Vacuum Truck Services, disposing septic tanks in residential properties and oil fields in the area. When we were operating this business, we saw that there was a need for a fresh water delivery service for properties in Peace River. We then expanded our business to create Chetwynd Fresh Water (2011). If you’re unsure whether your property is within our service area, call our 24-hour answering service to ask.

Benefits of Fresh Water for Oil Field Workers

Water for daily activities: Fresh water delivery to remote areas such as your worksite can be used for camp kitchens and washrooms.

Better focus: Since your brain is 90% water, drinking an adequate amount of water throughout the work day will help you concentrate and focus on the task at hand.
Increased energy: Muscle fatigue happens when your muscles don’t have an adequate amount of fluids. By making sure you’re drinking enough water, you’ll be able to better keep up with the labour work.

Fight heat: Working in the oil fields in the summer time will likely cause you to lose more fluids due to the heat. Drinking water is one way to ensure your body has enough fluids to function in hot temperatures.

Contact Information

PO Box 1465
Chetwynd, BC
V0C 1J0
Don’s Cell: 250-788-5070
Fax: 250-788-9186

Professional Compliances & Certifications

BC Ministry of Environment

Ministry of Environment
(Licensed to transport regulated/hazardous waste - licence #LT1192)

water truck

A Rich History

We have experience doing both fresh water deliveries and septic services

24-hour service

24-Hour Phone

We have a 24-hour answering service so your calls are always answered

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