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Potable Water Supply for Peace River Oil Fields

As a locally owned and operated business, we are passionate about serving homeowners and businesses in our community. We provide all-inclusive fresh water and septic services in the Peace River region. McKee Vacuum Truck Services has years of experience disposing and transporting septic waste and we are also licensed to transport hazardous waste. We have 10 years of experience dealing with regulated waste and cleaning up spills. Chetwynd Fresh Water (2011), a division of McKee Vacuum Truck Services, specializes in delivering fresh water supplies to oil fields, residential and commercial properties.

Chetwynd Fresh Water (2011) – Fresh Water Delivery Services

Staying hydrated is crucial for optimal body functionality, especially when you’re working in an oil field. Due to the remoteness of the area, you might not have unlimited access to fresh water as you wish. Chetwynd Fresh Water (2011) can deliver fresh drinking water straight to your work site. We provide complete delivery services for:

Oil fields

Residential properties

Commercial properties

McKee Vacuum Truck Services Ltd. – Septic Disposal Services

We have been providing septic waste removal, transportation and disposal services for over five years. McKee Vacuum Truck Services holds a licence from the Ministry of Environment to transport hazardous or regulated waste, which means we can remove and dispose of the waste in a safe manner. We offer complete septic services for:

Residential homes

Oil fields

Call our 24-hour answering service for all your fresh water and septic needs.

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